Join Specialist Bariatric Nutritionist Jacqui Lewis and Executive Chef Adam Moore

And confidently short cut your journey to delicious, nutritious food every day!

Jacqui Lewis

Clinical Nutritionist

Jacqui is the Co-Founder of BN Healthy. With a BHSc in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, she boasts over 30 years of experience in health and wellness, including personal training and corporate stress management programming. Jacqui has spent the last nine years specialising in Bariatric Nutrition and supplementation, turning her passion and expertise into a driving force for the well-being of Bariatric patients both pre and post-surgery. Jacqui is the host of the Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast. She also hosts regular educational webinars, develops recipes and provides clinical guidance and indispensable consultation on the development, compliance and safety of the ever-expanding BN Healthy product range.

Adam Moore


Renowned as a distinguished figure in the culinary realm, Chef Adam Moore stands as a preeminent corporate chef, captivating public speaker, accomplished TV presenter, and a globally recognised award-winning innovator. Also on the Bariatric Journey, Adam is weight loss champion (recently losing over 80 kg after Bariatric Surgery). With an illustrious career that spans multifarious domains, Adam Moore's journey has been one marked by excellence and unwavering commitment. Recently Adam was Inducted into the Hall of Fame for the FSAA Foodservice Suppliers Association of Australia for his tireless commitment to the industry. His mastery encompasses HACCP and Food Safety, Food Science, Sensory and Organoleptic Science, and the artistry of food styling and photography .His resumé boasts a succession of illustrious affiliations, counting among them ACCOR hotels, Mars Australia, George Weston Foods, Suntory, Kraft Heinz, Cerebos Foods, NAFDA Foods, Plant-based Proform Foods, and the multinational titan Campbell Arnott’s.

No more bland & boring food after Bariatric Surgery

Discover how to make tasty, chef-quality food that still meets bariatric nutrition and portion requirements.

Get confident in the kitchen

Our experts, Jacqui and Adam, will walk you through basic culinary techniques, the art of taste and flavour, setting up your kitchen and pantry for success, menu planning and so much more. Starting now, you can feel confident in the kitchen and say goodbye to time-consuming, bland and boring food for good!

Course Overview

Easy online cooking modules

    1. Welcome to BN Cooking

    2. Intro - Jacqui Lewis

    3. Intro - Chef Adam Moore

    1. Hydration

    2. Protein

    3. Portion Control

    4. Plating

    5. Meal Planning

    6. Mealtime Windows

    7. Nutrition and Supplementation

    1. Taste vs Flavour

    2. Fat - The Vehicle of Flavour

    3. Elements of Taste - Salt

    4. Elements of Taste - Sour

    5. Elements of Taste - Sweet

    6. Elements of Taste - Bitter

    7. Elements of Taste - Umami

    8. Aromatics

    1. Food Hygeine

    2. Food Safety

    3. Intro to Knife Skills

    4. Knife Skills - Tomato

    5. Knife Skills - Onions and Herbs

    6. Knife Skills - Chicken

    1. Packing your lunchbox

    2. Storage 101

    3. Storing Vegetables and Herbs for Longevity

    4. Storing Leftovers

    1. Quinoa and Herb Crusted Snapper with Asparagus, Crushed Kipfler Potato and Herb Yoghurt Dressing

    2. Plating like a Pro - Learn how to plate this delicious recipe

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